Meet the historical actors of the 2022 midterm elections


The race to control Congress, as well as governorships and key statewide positions, has defined the 2022 midterms.

In Washington, Republicans have aimed to break the Democratic trifecta by winning one or both houses of Congress. In battleground states, Democrats are looking to defend vulnerable governors and win crucial downside contests that could prove key in future election fights.

As Election Day approached, both parties also sought to diversify their elected ranks, both in Congress and beyond. Republicans were excited to expand their slate of female governors and elect more Latino members to the U.S. House. Democrats were planning to increase the number of black US senators and make a push for LGBTQ representation in governor’s offices. Both parties have also sought to welcome their first Gen Z congressmen – those born after 1996.

Election results are still coming in and many races won’t be called for days or even weeks. But for now, here’s a look at the contestants whose CNN projects will make history midway through 2022.

This list will be updated as more winners are announced.

AL-SEN: Republican Katie Britt will be Alabama’s first elected senator, CNN projects, winning an open-seat race to succeed her former boss, retired GOP Sen. Richard Shelby. Britt is a former CEO of the Business Council of Alabama and was the general election frontrunner in the dark red state. Two women have previously represented Alabama in the Senate, but both have been nominated to fill vacancies.

AR-GOV: Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be Arkansas’ first elected female governor, CNN projects, winning the post her father previously held for more than a decade. Sanders, who has gained national profile in her role as Trump’s White House press secretary, is also the first girl in US history to serve as governor of the same state her father once ruled. .

FL-10: Democrat Maxwell Frost will be the first Gen Z member elected to Congress, CNN projects, winning the open seat for Florida’s 10th congressional district. Generation Z refers to people born after 1996. Frost will succeed Democrat Val Demings, who left the seat to run for the Senate.

MD-GOV: Democrat Wes Moore will be Maryland’s first black governor, CNN projects, becoming only the third elected black governor in US history. Moore, an Army veteran and former nonprofit leader, will succeed Republican limited-term Governor Larry Hogan.

MA-GOV: Democrat Maura Healey will be the first lesbian governor in U.S. history, CNN projects, winning an open-seat race for governor of Massachusetts. Healey, the current Massachusetts attorney general, will also be the first female governor elected in the Commonwealth.

OK-SEN: Republican Markwayne Mullin will be Oklahoma’s first Native American senator in nearly 100 years, CNN projects, winning the special election to succeed GOP Sen. Jim Inhofe, who steps down in January. Mullin, a member of the Cherokee Nation, currently represents the state’s 2nd congressional district. Democrat Robert Owen, also a member of the Cherokee Nation, represented Oklahoma in the Senate from 1907 to 1925.

This story has been updated with additional developments.

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