John Fetterman to beat Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania Senate race, CNN projects


Democrat John Fetterman will win the Pennsylvania Race to the Senate, CNN projects, defeat of Republican Mehmet Oz, reversal of the seat and strengthening the hopes of the Democrats to retain their majority.

Fetterman, the state’s lieutenant governor since 2019, and Oz, which was endorsed by former President Donald Trumphosted one of the nation’s most controversial and expensive Senate contests – all while Fetterman continued his recovery from a pre-primary stroke this often limited his ability to speak on the track.

For Democrats trying to retain control of what has been a 50-50 split Senate, with Vice President Kamala Harris as the deciding vote, Fetterman’s victory could prove decisive.

Oz called Fetterman to concede the race at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, according to Fetterman spokesman Joe Calvello.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey’s retirement in a state President Joe Biden won two years ago created the Democrats best opportunity to clinch a seat and save their narrow majority, and the Commonwealth entered Election Day as one of at least nine states holding what were to be competitive Senate races.

Fetterman’s victory caps a remarkable rise since his time as mayor of Braddock, a borough in western Pennsylvania, in the office of lieutenant governor – which he won after knocking down a fellow Democrat in a 2018 primary – in the US Senate. A lifelong progressive, he is a strong supporter of ending the filibuster, raising the minimum wage, legalizing marijuana, criminal justice reform, and passing a legislation to protect same-sex marriage, among other top Liberal priorities.

His success will also inspire stroke survivors and other disabled Americans, some of whom were encouraged by his efforts to continue their campaign even as he showed the lingering effects of his May stroke. Fetterman, although he has not released his full medical records, said he expects to be at or near full when he takes office early next year.

Although Oz himself largely avoided disparaging Fetterman about his stroke-related struggles, his campaign was less cautious, causing the Republican to repeatedly distance himself from remarks by his own staffers. When asked at some point near the end of the campaign if he would speak to his own patients in the same way his campaign spoke to Fetterman, Oz responded with one word: “No.”

The White House did not weigh in on individual races on election night. But after Fetterman’s projected victory, he sent a subtle but pointed message: “The president had a great time with the senator-elect on Saturday,” a White House official told CNN.

As many Democrats in battleground seats sought to avoid Biden’s presence on the campaign trail, Fetterman embraced the president. Biden made several trips to Pennsylvania and each time in the final months of the race, Fetterman would appear alongside him, including in Philadelphia last weekend.

Biden’s roots in Pennsylvania are integral to his story, his 2020 victory is central to the presidency, and now, after 20 visits to the state in his first two years in office, it marks the first Democratic pickup. in the critical battle for the Senate Majority.

This story has been updated with additional developments.

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