Princess quits royals to marry American shaman as Europeans ‘don’t want’ black royal


Allegations of racism and scandal tore a Royal family after one of the heirs fell in love with an American star. Not this Royal family.

A Norwegian princess, who is soon to marry a bisexual Hollywood shaman, has announced she will step down from royal duties after an explosion of media interest in her love life.

Princess Martha Louise, the eldest child of King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway, made the announcement through a statement on the Norwegian Royal Family website, in which the palace thanked her. for her service and said that while she will retain the title “princess”, she cannot use it in conjunction with her upcoming marriage to Hollywood spiritual guru Durek Verrett.

She was previously married to Ari Behn, with whom she had three children. Behn committed suicide in 2017.

The good news is that Martha Louise was graciously allowed to keep her @PrincessMarthaLouise Instagram account, but she still opened a new, non-royal account where she says “everything happens.”

The Norwegian royal family reportedly struggled at first to accept their new future son-in-law, who once marveled at their openness, telling Hello ! magazine, “I’m not going to lie and say that at first it wasn’t a little bumpy because you have this shaman, bisexual, black man coming into your family,” he said recently, adding that things had slowly progressed. “I have a great relationship with the royal family.”

The Norwegian royal family released a separate statement in which they further clarified the princess’s use of her title and connections. “This means that they must not make their connection to the Royal House visible on their own social media channels (except @PrincessMarthaLouise on Instagram), in media productions or in connection with other commercial activities” , indicates the second statement.

The statement goes on to say that they cannot use the Royal Family connection for interviews related to “commercial activity”. The Princess, now 51, previously quit using the title as part of her impressive array of private ventures, including her work as a horse whisperer, children’s author and owner of a “school of angels”, which offers “readings, healing, crystals and hands-on treatment” for a number of issues, with the ultimate goal of helping people “get in touch with their angels”.

Verrett, who reportedly counts stars Gwenyth Paltrow and Antonio Banderas among his followers, and who charges $1,500 an hour for a healing session, has written a number of books, including Spirit Hacking: Shamanic keys to reclaim your personal power, transform yourself and light up the world. He also ruffled the royal feathers with comments, including peddling a medallion which he said cured COVID-19, and his claims that “cancer is a choice”.

Not unlike Meghan Markle— that other famous black American who came into an all-white European royal family — Verrett claimed some people don’t want a black person in the family. He says they don’t want the “real Bridgerton” referring to the Netflix historical drama that introduced black characters into a story about white nobles. “White people write us all this hate and death threats and stuff to be together,” he said in a June Instagram Live. “They don’t want to see a black man in the royal family.”

When the two announced their engagement in an October issue of City & Country magazine, they admitted that it was difficult to surprise themselves. “Every time he planned something, I saw what he was doing,” the princess said.

“She has psychic abilities,” Verrett added. “We both have spiritual powers. If I have a single thought, she gets it immediately. I had to think of five different experiences I would create for her.

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