Nets advise Kyrie Irving of 6 steps to take to return from suspension: Sources

The brooklyn nets informed the hanging star Kyrie Irving of the six action items he must complete to return to the franchise following controversy over his posting a movie tie-in with anti-Semitic material, multiple league sources have said Athleticism.

These steps are as follows, according to sources with direct knowledge:

  1. Apologize for posting a link to the film on October 27, condemn the harmful and false content, and clarify that it has no anti-Jewish beliefs.
  2. Complete anti-hate causes agreed to by Irving, the Nets and the Anti-Defamation League in their Nov. 2 joint statement – ​​including a $500,000 donation to causes and organizations working to eradicate hate and hate. intolerance in communities.
  3. Nets created full sensitivity training.
  4. Comprehensive anti-Semitic/anti-hate training designed by the Nets.
  5. Meet representatives of the Anti-Defamation League, as well as leaders of Brooklyn’s Jewish community.
  6. After completing 1-5, meet with owner Joe Tsai and key franchise executives and demonstrate lessons learned and that the seriousness of harm in the situation is understood, and ensure that this type of behavior will not happen again .

“We’re going to give him some time,” Nets general manager Sean Marks said Friday. “It’s up to him to decide. Again, his actions will speak louder than words, and if he wants in on this, we’ll see where it leads.

Last Thursday, the Nets suspended Irving for at least five games because the guard refused to “state unequivocally that he has no anti-Semitic views.” Irving met with the media on October 29 and November 3 and failed to unequivocally apologize for posting the content and fully condemn the movie he claimed to be watching on Amazon.

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association have made multiple public comments chastising hate speech, with Commissioner Adam Silver issuing a strong statement last Thursday.

“Kyrie Irving has made the reckless decision to post a link to a film containing deeply offensive anti-Semitic material,” Silver said in the statement. “While we appreciate that he has agreed to work with the Brooklyn Nets and the Anti-Defamation League to combat anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination, I am disappointed that he has not featured unreserved apologies and more specifically denouncing the despicable and harmful content contained in the film he has chosen to publicize. I will be meeting with Kyrie in person next week to discuss this situation.

For their part, the Nets said in the statement last Thursday that the organization has “made repeated attempts to work with Kyrie Irving to help him understand the evil and danger of his words and actions, which has started with the publication of a film containing deeply disturbing anti-Semitic remarks”. to hate.”

Hours after receiving the team suspension, Irving apologized on his public Instagram late Thursday night.

“To all Jewish families and communities who are hurt and affected by my message, I am deeply sorry for causing you pain and I apologize,” Irving said.

On Friday evening, Nike announced that it was suspending its relationship with Irving, effective immediately, and would no longer launch its new Kyrie 8. Nike said in part: “At Nike, we believe there is no place for hate speech and we condemn all forms of anti-Semitism. We are deeply saddened and disappointed by the situation and its impact on everyone. »

(Photo: Dustin Satloff/Getty Images)

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