More than 3,400 mail-in ballots in Philadelphia are at risk of being thrown out

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President Joe Biden rallied with former President Barack Obama and leading Pennsylvania Democratic candidates in North Philadelphia, where he slammed “mega MAGA Republicans” and touted his bipartisan infrastructure law.

“Elect John Fetterman to the Senate, please. It will protect and strengthen social security and health insurance. And will ensure that veterans are always taken care of. Always, always, always,” Biden told a large crowd at the Liacouras Center on the Temple University campus.

“My goal when I ran for president was to build an economy from the bottom up and down the middle. That’s a fundamental shift from Oz and the Republican mega-economy MAGA,” said Biden, referring to Fetterman’s GOP opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

As the crowd booed, the president continued, “No really. It’s not your dad’s Republican Party. It’s a different breed of cat. I really mean it. Listen, they’re all about the richest people who get rich.stay rich.middle class go numb.poor get poorer under their politics.

Obama offered a prefutation to the possibility of Democratic losses.

“I can tell you from experience that midterms matter a lot,” Obama said, a reference to the 2010 election that saw the GOP regain power in the House of Representatives during his first administration.

“When I was president, I got my butt kicked in the midterm elections. I was elected in the middle of a financial crisis and we did what it took to get the economy back on track. rails, but it was slow and people were frustrated, just like they are right now.

Fetterman, the Democratic Senate candidate, and Josh Shapiro, the gubernatorial candidate, both addressed Obama at the Saturday night event. Fetterman, who suffered a stroke in May, joked about appearing on stage right in front of the former president.

“Let me tell you, anybody recovering from a stroke, really, the worst guy you have to meet, Barack Obama has got to be the worst,” Fetterman said with a laugh.

John Fetterman, former President Barack Obama, Josh Shapiro and President Joe Biden stand together at a rally Saturday night.
John Fetterman, former President Barack Obama, Josh Shapiro and President Joe Biden stand together at a rally Saturday night. (Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Obama’s speech was filled with praise for Fetterman and Shapiro and contempt for their opponents.

“Josh’s opponent, wow. Oy vey,” Obama said. “He’s willing to take the most extreme positions on just about anything.”

The former president hit out at Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano’s stance on abortion and recalled he was wearing a Confederate wartime uniform in a photo in a 2013-14 faculty photo at the Military War College.

“Pennsylvania, let’s remember what century we are in,” Obama said. “It would be funny, it would be an SNL skit, if it wasn’t so serious. You cannot let someone who is detached from reality run your state.

Obama couldn’t hide his disapproval of Oz.

“Who do you think really knows more about budgets and paying the bills, John Fetterman or Dr. Oz? Come on, Obama said.

“It’s easy to joke about Dr. Oz. I mean, some of these cures he’s shown on TV…but you know what, it’s important because if somebody who knows better, who knows better, is willing to sell snake oil just to make money, then he will do or say anything to get elected.

Obama said Fetterman “is a guy who has fought for ordinary people his whole life.”

“You can tell, just talk to him. He’s just a guy. He is who he says he is. He’s not pretending to be someone else,” Obama said.

And the former president invoked Fetterman’s stroke while complimenting the lieutenant governor.

“He knows what it’s like to be knocked down,” Obama said. “But John’s stroke hasn’t changed who he is, it hasn’t changed what he cares about, and it won’t change who he fights for when he gets to the United States Senate. He will fight for you.

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