In Nevada, Cortez Masto pokes fun at Laxalt with new ads touting her family approved of her

In the last days of a hard-fought senatorial campaignDemocratic senator from Nevada. Catherine Cortez Masto wants voters to know that 14 members of her rival’s family have chosen to support her – not him.

Cortez Masto’s campaign plans to run full-page ads in English and Spanish in seven newspapers on Sunday featuring a letter signed by relatives of the GOP Senate candidate Adam Laxalt.

The announcement, first shared with NBC News, will print the family members’ letter in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Reno Gazette Journal, Las Vegas Weekly, Nevada Appeal, Elko Daily Free Press, El Sol and El Mundo .

“Today we, the undersigned members of the Laxalt family, write in support of the re-election of Senator Catherine Cortez Masto to the United States Senate. We believe Catherine possesses a set of qualities that clearly speak to what we like to call “Nevada courage,” reads the letter from Laxalt’s loved ones, including aunts and cousins. “We strongly believe that Catherine is well equipped with her own ‘Nevada courage’ – a quality she will carry forward into representing our home state for six more years in the halls of Congress.”

Nevada’s Senate race is one of the tightest in the nation, with a series of recent polls showing Cortez Masto and Laxalt tied. The outcome of the contest could determine the balance of the Senate, now narrowly held by the Democrats.

Newspaper ads, featuring a three-page letter reported by the Nevada Independent in Octoberis the latest attempt by the Cortez Masto campaign to pursue Laxalt’s claims to his battlefield political pedigree, which dates back to his late grandfather, Paul Laxalt.

Paul Laxalt, former senator and governor of Nevada, was a political institution in the state for decades. The campaign of Cortez Masto, in statewide television commercials, Adam Laxalt accused to cash in on his family name even though he was raised on the East Coast.

In October, Laxalt responded to the letter from his 14 family members, Tweeter“It’s no surprise that once again a handful of family members and spouses, half of whom don’t live in Nevada, and most of whom are Democrats, are supporting a Democrat.”

Former President Barack Obama at a rally for Cortez Masto and other Nevada Democrats this week poked fun at the Laxalt family dynamic.

“We could all have a crazy uncle going off the rails,” Obama said with a laugh. “But if you have a full table for Thanksgiving and they all say you don’t belong in the US Senate – when the people who know you best think your opponent would do a better job, that says a lot about you. . That says a lot about Catherine.

This is the second time members of the Laxalt family have backed his opponent. During his unsuccessful run for governor in 2018, 12 of his relatives wrote an op-ed saying that Laxalt’s campaign “exploited and exploited the family name.” This prompted a rebuttal from 22 other members of the Laxalt family who expressed their support for him.

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