Everything Nick Saban said after Alabama’s 32-31 overtime loss at LSU

No. 6 Alabama Crimson Tide The football team lost in overtime to No. 10 LSU, 32-31, Saturday night before a sold-out crowd at Tiger Stadium.

The Crimson Tide scored in their first practice of the extra period to take the lead; however, the Tigers scored on their ensuing possession and won the game by converting the two-run attempt.

Here’s everything Alabama coach Nick Saban said during his postgame press conference:

“To say how disappointed our team is is an understatement. How disappointed we are all. Our guys really fought in today’s game. It’s a tough environment, a tough place to play. I have to give LSU a lot of credit for making the plays they made when they needed to make them. We were hurt a lot in the match, especially at the start of the match. I had a good drive, throw a pickaxe when we’re inside the 10-yard line. I had to settle for a lot of goals on the pitch. Had way too many penalties, especially penalties contributing to their ability to drive the ball late in the game. But I think everyone needs to check their whole map and what we need to do to individually improve your stock to end the season the right way and aim to try and win 10 games, which I think roughly every team that we’ve had since 2006 or 7, or whatever, has been able to do that.

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