The Clintons, Biden, Harris and Democrats ‘raise the fire alarm’ to save Hochul

New York’s neck and neck race for governor has suddenly caught the eye of prominent national Democrats — for all the wrong reasons.

Party bigwigs appear to be in panic mode, critics note, flooding the 2-to-1 Democratic-registered Empire State with big names like Bill, Hillary, Joe and Kamala in the home stretch of Tuesday’s election while Governor Kathy Hochul has ground quickly lost to Republican challenger Rep. Lee Zeldin.

“New York Democrats are breaking the glass and sounding the fire alarm,” Republican Party Chairman Nick Langworthy said Friday.

“These are all terrible signs for Democrats,” added political consultant Bradley Tusk.

But experts also note the call for the big guns is a double-edged sword for Hochul and Democrats, citing Biden’s strong unpopularity amid rising crime rates and historic inflation rates.

“A defeat in New York would be a national and crushing embarrassment to the Democratic Party. This must – for Democrats – be avoided at all campaign costs,” political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said of Democratic bigwigs campaigning in New York City rather than other battlegrounds across the country.

Biden and Bill Clinton remain popular among mainstream Democratic groups like black voters, Sheinkopf noted, even with the baggage they bring, including the #MeToo smear of Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky affair and ties to the wealthy pervert. sentenced Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide behind bars.

Biden was alongside Governor Hochul on Oct. 27 at a CHIPS-making event in Syracuse.
Evelyn Hockstein/REUTERS

“Joe Biden and Bill Clinton for Governor Hochul show the importance of his re-election to the party from both a New York and national perspective,” said political consultant Jake Dilemani.

“If the black vote doesn’t turn out – she’s dead,” Sheinkopf pointed out of the bet for Hochul.

A presidential visit to Yonkers on Sunday is yet another sign of Democrats’ concern over electoral annihilation that could see Republicans flip several congressional seats in New York while winning their first statewide election in two decades.

Although this is a Hochul campaign event for Biden, he has already appeared alongside the governor and other embattled Democrats in two recent “official” appearances in Poughkeepsie and Syracuse as polls show Hochul could lose in Zeldin on November 8.

“It’s an act of pure desperation and a sure sign that Lee Zeldin is on the cusp of a historic victory,” Langworthy said.

Clinton, meanwhile, is campaigning alongside the embattled governor in Brooklyn on Saturday, two days after his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Vice President Kamala Harris. appeared alongside Hochul in Manhattan.

Bill Clinton and Hochul
Bill Clinton also stepped up his support for Governor Hochul ahead of Election Day.
Paul Martinca

“Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Bill Clinton? You couldn’t field three less popular politicians,” said GOP political consultant William O’Reilly.

Polling averages show the majority of Americans disapprove of work Biden and Harris are doing as Clinton has come under renewed scrutiny in the #MeToo era.

These facts lead some Republicans to believe that controversial Democrats could drive votes for Zeldin as much as Hochul.

New York Post cover of November 5, 2022

“I hope Joe Biden campaigns for Governor in all 62 counties [of New York]. He is a failure of a president and will only remind us of the larger failures the Democratic Party has brought to us,” Staten Island Councilman Joe Borelli, who is also a spokesman for a super PAC pro-Zeldin.

The visit could also try to help Democratic incumbents at risk like Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-Westchester), head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, as he fights off a tough challenge from Republican Congressman Mike Lawler (R- Rockland).

But a New York poll suggests all three are still relatively popular in New York, with Biden and Harris having made several trips in recent months to the state where the Clintons have lived for the past two decades.

A majority of likely voters in New York approve of the work Biden is doing alongside 53% who say they have an unfavorable opinion versus a negative opinion, according to a October 18 poll at Siena College.

Biden, Hochul
Biden is stumped with Governor Hochul as the election looms and opponent Lee Zeldin gains ground.
MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

The blitz in the United States by National Democrats, which also includes a recent robocall from former President Barack Obama, follows several Zeldin rallies where the Long Island congressman received his own boost from lightning rods policies like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and upstate New York Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-North Country).

The apparitions have helped Zeldin, who recently said he has roughly the same amount of money close at hand as Hochul after being lavishly spent for most of the race, garners national attention in a race where he waged a fierce campaign against rising crime and rising consumer prices tied to historical inflation levels.

“It’s a rescue mission. To save our state. Can you do that?” Stefanik told a crowd nearing 1,000 near Albany on Thursday night as she introduced Zeldin while Hochul rallied with her own big names to a much smaller crowd in Manhattan.

“We’re all here on this beautiful New York night while we’re here Kathy Hochul’s rally with Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris and all of her crowd would probably fit like here,” Zeldin said to boos for Democratic bigwigs. .

Biden, Hochul
“New York Democrats are breaking the glass and sounding the fire alarm,” Republican Party Chairman Nick Langworthy said Friday.
Evelyn Hockstein/REUTERS

Zeldin’s rallies have drawn noticeably larger crowds in recent weeks as his campaign attempts to project momentum in a race where Hochul once led by as much as 24 points, according to a poll.

Hochul tried to seize on those appearances with GOP firebrands like DeSantis, Youngkin and Stefanik, his party’s third congressman, to tell his followers that Zeldin is backed by “far-right Republicans” who oppose to abortion and gun control – the central planks of his campaign.

Meanwhile, in a Saturday appearance in Orange County, Zeldin stood alongside former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who recently claimed “an elitist cabal.” controls his ex-party.

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