God of War Ragnarök will launch with over 70 accessibility features

Santa Monica Studio has revealed the full list of over 70 accessibility features that will ship with God of the war Ragnarök when the game is released on November 9.

God of War Ragnarök is poised to be one of the Game of the Year favorites, and Santa Monica has clearly gone to great lengths to ensure as many players as possible can enjoy the apocalyptic adventure by including a range impressive customization options.

These range from a host of adjustable UI elements that allow players to change the size and nature of text and subtitles, to more impressive additions such as high contrast mode, which paints interactive objects and NPCs in primary colors for clearer recognition.

The Accessibility menu offers a set of four presets for players to choose from: Visual Accessibility, Auditory Accessibility, Motion Reduction, and Motor Accessibility. For each of them, players will also have the choice of three modes – “off”, “some” or “full” – which will determine the level of assistance triggered by the preset.

Selecting a preset changes a set of predetermined options in the deeper menu, which will then appear blue. Players will then be able to access the menu and adjust each setting to best suit their individual needs.

Among the over 70 settings there are options to reduce camera shake, add prompts and navigational aids, trigger audio cues when Kratos approaches an interactive object, and a range of aids. in combat and puzzles.

Many of these settings – such as high contrast mode which paints important NPCs and objects in primary colors for easier recognition, can also be configured to be triggered by a swipe of the DualSense Touchpadso they don’t need to be on all the time.

Players will also be able to completely remap buttons and choose from a set of five difficulty options. These range from “Give Me a Story” – the setting “with the least emphasis on combat” – to “Give Me God of War”, which offers the hardest level of difficulty.

“Fostering accessibility in games is an industry-wide pursuit,” Santa Monica lead UX designer Mila Pavlin comments in the blog detailing accessibility options. “What we were able to implement in God of War Ragnarök would not have been possible without the knowledge and guidance of our many partners. We would like to thank PlayStation Studios around the world whose knowledge has been invaluable and a source inspiration – especially the teams at Naughty Games for Dogs and Insomniacs.

“We would also like to thank our accessibility consultants for their guidance during game development: Joshua Straub, Paul Amadeus Lane, James Rath, Alanah Pearce, Jason Bolte, SightlessKombat, Christopher Robinson.”

For a full breakdown of the 70+ accessibility options, be sure to check out the official site Playstation-Blogand for an in-depth look at Ragnarök, check out The full opinion of the IGN.

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