Ties found at scene of Pelosi home invasion, police say

Ties were found at the scene of an intruder attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband at the couple’s California home, San Francisco police said Sunday.

Police did not specify how many zip links were found or discuss their destination. The motive remained under investigation. CNN first reported the presence of the restraints.

The only people at the home during Friday morning’s violent break-in were Paul Pelosi, 82, and David DePape, 42, who faces attempted murder and other charges, the police said. police, clarifying what Police Chief Bill Scott said during a press conference. Friday.

A federal law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation said the criminal investigation, led by San Francisco police, is expected to result in state charges against DePape in San Francisco Superior Court as soon as possible. Monday or Tuesday.

Federal investigators continue to conduct a parallel investigation to determine whether DePape will also face federal charges.

Police say officers entered the home early Friday and saw Paul Pelosi and the suspect locked in a battle over a hammer. As Pelosi released her grip, the striker pulled her out and hit Pelosi in the head, they said.

The San Francisco County District Attorney’s Office said the suspect entered through the back of the house by breaking a window. He then walked up a flight of stairs and confronted Paul Pelosi, according to the office.

Pelosi was rushed to Zuckerberg General Hospital in San Francisco, where he “underwent successful surgery to repair a fractured skull and serious injuries to his right arm and hands,” the office said on Friday. president in a statement.

The suspect was also hospitalized following the incident and remained so Sunday afternoon, according to the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department. His condition and the exact reasons for his treatment were not available.

Two sources said the intruder was looking for Nancy Pelosi, who was in Washington, DC, at the time of the attack. The sources, one of whom is a senior US official, said that prior to the assault, the intruder confronted Paul Pelosi, shouting, “Where’s Nancy?” Where is Nancy?

Blog posts that are being investigated as part of DePape highlight sprawling and conflicting opinions, said several senior law enforcement officials familiar with the case. The posts take aspects of liberal anti-establishment ideas to newer posts that espouse positions commonly associated with far-right extremism, the sources said.

DePape appeared to operate a website where he wrote a wide variety of articles touching on almost every modern way of thinking about conspiracy: aliens, Jewish people, communism, vaccines, voter fraud and many more. topics. Many messages have been published over the past few months.

Maura Barrette and Denis Romero contributed.

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