Supreme Court hears arguments on Harvard, UNC

  • Arguments in the Harvard, UNC Supreme Court cases began at 10 a.m. EDT.
  • Experts are watching Chief Justice John Roberts and the other court curators.
  • The cases could have profound implications for diversity on campus and in the workplace.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments Monday on one of the the most difficult and controversial issues to achieve its role this year: if colleges can consider the race of future students in the interest of diversity.

At issue are policies at Harvard College and the University of North Carolina that allow admissions offices to consider applicants’ race as one of many factors that help decide who will be accepted. Depending on the scope of the court’s decision, the outcome of the cases could have far-reaching implications beyond higher education.

In the opening minutes of argument, several of the court’s liberal justices peppered the affirmative action group that brought the lawsuit over how the University of North Carolina views race.

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