Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva: Fight predictions, odds, undercard, start time, expert picks for Showtime Boxing

Since entering the world of professional boxing, Jake Paul has not lacked attention. Now set for a showdown with UFC legend Anderson Silva on Saturday night, Paul faces what should be the toughest test of his young career (9 p.m. ET, Showtime PPV).

Silva is the first opponent Paul has faced who will enter the ring with a professional boxing record – not counting Paul’s rematch with Tyron Woodley. In fact, Silva holds a victory over former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez, which showed just how well the former UFC middleweight champion is able to use his unorthodox move to disrupt his opponents at inside the boxing ring.

“When you fight in combat sports you have to be a little crazy. I’m a little crazy too. It’s not for everyone. Everyone here is special guys and for sure everything the world here is a bit crazy,” Silva said at the final press conference. “It’s a competition and I’m training hard to put on a great show for everyone. This fight is very special for me. I’m trying to do my best because I love fighting and I love my work and now I’m free to do whatever I love to do.”

Some wondered why Silva decided to fight and if it would change the way he would be perceived in the MMA sphere. But the legend isn’t worried about any of that, he just wants to show how well he can box at 47.

“I don’t believe it affects my legacy, in my journey in combat sports. I try to do my best to give something to the new generation,” Silva said. “Jake and I are bringing two great generations together and people think it will affect my legacy or affect Jake’s legacy, but I don’t believe that because it’s about passion and love.

“Everyone always asks, ‘Are you sure you want to fight Jake Paul? He beats a lot of guys in the UFC.’ I say, “Yeah, I think I’m ready for that. He’s younger than me but I’m a superhero.”

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Many believed Paul’s managers would seek to steer him away from Silva, a bigger, smoother and more prolific striker than any Paul has faced to date. But the risk was taken and now Paul will be looking to take a big step forward and prove that he is still developing the skills to make some noise as a serious boxer.

“For sure I have more pressure on my shoulders. Just being on the ‘A’ side and the amount of bullshit I say, I think the whole MMA community is waiting for me to lose,” said said Paul at the final press conference. “They want me to lose. I have so many other big ideas and big plans in this sport and I just plan to be here forever. It’s the start, and the pressure is on.”

The undercard fills with a mix of young prospects looking to make a name for themselves and other celebrity attractions to interest more casual fans. 18-year-old super featherweight Ashton Sylve is back in action when he takes on veteran Braulio Rodriguez. Vets Alexandro Santiago and Antonio Nieves are about to get rid of the bantamweights. Additionally, former UFC middleweight Uriah Hall makes his professional boxing debut when he takes on the former NFL running back Le’Veon Bell, who is also making his professional debut. And opening the festivities will be combat sports veteran Chris Avila when he takes on social media star Dr. Mike Varshavski.

“Fighters fight and it changes when you have to go out and you have to adapt. We’re both fighters at the end of the day. He’s a powerful dude. I know he’s confident,” said Hall during media day. “You can’t really focus on these outward negative affirmations. You have to stay present and I’m just looking forward to having fun. It’s a challenge, it’s a step forward, it’s outside my comfort zone and I like challenges.”

Below is the full fight card along with the latest odds from Caesars Sportsbook before we get to the predictions and picks on the main event.

Fight card, odds

Odds via Caesars Sportsbook

  • Jake Paul -230 vs. Anderson Silva +190, heavyweight (eight rounds)
  • Ashton Sylve vs. Super Featherweight Braulio Rodriguez (eight rounds)
  • Alexandro Santiago vs Antonio Nieves, bantamweight (10 rounds)
  • Uriah Hall vs. Le’Veon Bell, heavyweights (four rounds)
  • Chris Avila vs. Dr. Mike Varshavski, heavyweights (four rounds)


Brent Brookhouse: I was initially among those who felt that Paul should be kept away from Silva. But there are a lot of little things that start to stand out when you really watch the fight. Paul has clearly improved fight after fight, no one can legitimately argue otherwise and be taken seriously. Like almost every young fighter just five fights into his career, there are still a lot of areas in his game that still need work, but he seems to be very coachable.

Paul also has one of those “you either have it or you don’t have it” qualities in his punching power. You can see it in his fights and the legit boxers who have worked with him have said so too. Paul can knock.

It’s possible that Silva is too skilled for Paul, but I think Silva will fall into his tendency to get cute with his defense, which can work and frustrate opponents. But against Paul, I think he’s going to get trapped along the ropes and Paul has the discipline to work the body instead of chasing heads. This, in turn, will open up clean shots to a chin that isn’t what it used to be. Look for the arrival of Paul in the middle towers Pick: Jake Paul via KO Rounds 4-6

Brian Campbell: Provided that Silva doesn’t start to feel his age overnight in ways he has yet to show us during this twilight of one of the most decorated careers in combat sports history. , it’s his fight to win in just about every category. Yes, Paul is much younger and has good size and power. But the gap in experience and technique should be quite significant provided Silva is able to keep pace with his young opponent. Not only has Silva adapted perfectly to the major differences between boxing and MMA (including footwork), but he’s proven himself in a handful of professional fights – including a 2021 upset of the former title holder. of middleweight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in Mexico — that he’s a legitimate threat to hit Paul with the kind of counter punches he doesn’t see coming. Silva is the same height as Paul and might even be faster in terms of hand speed. The biggest problem for Paul may turn out to be that the more he seeks to take the fight to Silva, the more he could find himself entangled in the web of the “spider”, which excels at lulling its prey into a false sense of security. before hitting back dramatically. Pick: Anderson Silva via TKO6

Chakiel Mahjouri: Silva causes so many problems for Paul. Silva has superior size, stamina, head movement, feints, footwork, movement, combinations and ability to strike from angles. Paul, naturally, uses a fundamentally basic game built around his jab. A focused Silva should be able to roll with the shots and separate Paul.

Granted, Silva’s age is a concern and his chin must be deteriorating at 47, but those concerns are a bit overblown. He has only suffered two bout-ending blows to the head in his 46-fight MMA career: once against Chris Weidman with his hands down and once against a hard-hitting Uriah Hall. His chin might be a problem, but it’s not his Kryptonite.

The odds of Paul legitimately winning the fight via decision are pretty low. He will have to rely on his power to crush “The Spider”. Silva has decades of boxing experience on Paul, although it was mostly modified for MMA. An early knockout, a TKO against an exhausted Paul or a tidy decision are all on the line for Silva. Pick: Anderson Silva via KO4

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