Elon Musk welcomes the return of Russian disinformation on Twitter

Twitter’s new logo?

Pro-Russian trolls return to Twitter to post misinformation.


Biden spokeswoman unaware of Musk security review talks

By Jennifer Jacobs

“I say I am not aware of such discussions,” Jean-Pierre told reporters during a White House briefing.

People familiar with the discussions said again this week that deliberations were continuing, although no decision had been made.

Some US officials have expressed alarm at Musk’s recent threat to stop providing Starlink satellite service to Ukraine – he said it has cost him $80 million so far – and what they consider his increasingly pro-Russia stance following a series of tweets that featured peace proposals favorable to President Vladimir Putin. They are also concerned about his plan to take over Twitter with a group of foreign investors.

Taiwan politicians reject Elon Musk’s ‘ill-informed and disparaging’ comments on China

By Helena Davidson in Taipei

Taiwanese politicians dismissed comments by Elon Musk, the world’s richest person, that allowing China to have some control over the island would resolve the cross-strait disputeurging him to respect the wishes of Taiwanese citizens.

Musk’s suggestion to “determine a special administrative area for Taiwan it is reasonably acceptable,” given in an interview with the Financial Times on Saturday, was praised by the Chinese ambassador to the United States.

The Ambassador, Qin Gang, said that “peaceful reunification and ‘one country, two systems’ are our basic principles in resolving the Taiwan issue…and the best approach to achieving national reunification.”

Musk’s tweets complicate US diplomacy From Ukraine to Taiwan


Elon Musk often uses his Twitter account as a weapon – threatening to renege on his deal to buy Twitter or insulting President Joe Biden like a wet puppet “in human form”.

More recently, the world’s richest person has turned to more treacherous geopolitical territory by offering puzzle proposals to end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and settle issues of Taiwan sovereignty. His tweets and other public comments have angered presidents and foreign ministers across Europe and, clumsily, won praise from America’s rivals.

Now Musk is escalating again, putting his money where it says: On Friday he threatened to cut financial support for SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service in Ukraine, a move that would deprive the country of a key means of communication in the fight against Russian forces. .


Scott Ritter is now a Putin apologist.


Elon Musk looks like a security risk to the United States.

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