Eagles Rooting Guide for Week 8 Games

The eighth Sunday of the 2022 NFL Regular Season is here! It’s time to walk a Philadelphia Eagles-focused rooting guide for all week 8 games.

This drill will be especially interesting this year since the Birds have more to worry about than usual due to owning a first-round pick from the New Orleans Saints in 2023 NFL Draft.

Going through ESPN:


Going through Tankathon:


PITTSBURGH STEELS at the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: The Eagles will move to 7-0 with a win. Go birds.


CHICAGO BEAR at DALLAS COWBOYS: The Bears win is good when it comes to 1) giving the Eagles more room for error at the top of the NFC East and 2) increasing the odds the Bears won’t select ahead of the Saints pick due to the Eagles . It would also be embarrassing if the Cowboys lost to Justin Fields. Root for bears.

WASHINGTON COMMANDERS at INDIANAPOLIS FOAL: The Eagles don’t want to see COs build momentum before their Week 10 Monday Night Football game against Washington. Root for the Colts.

NEW YORK GIANTS at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: The Eagles would like to see the Giants suffer more than one loss. Root for the Seahawks.


ARIZONA CARDINALS at MINNESOTA VIKINGS: The Eagles would like to see the Vikings lose to have more room for error. Root for cardinals.

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS at LOS ANGELES RAMS: The Rams have the better record, but various metrics point to the 49ers as the better team. Better to see the biggest threat lose there. Root for the Rams.

GREEN BAY PACKAGES at BUFFALO BILLS: Better kill any chance of Aaron Rodgers figuring things out and getting hot before the playoffs. Root for invoices.


LAS VEGAS ADVENTURERS in NEW ORLEANS SAINTS: Important game as far as the Eagles’ hopes of getting a very good choice from the Saints. The Eagles will be targeting a Raiders victory to help lead New Orleans away from the NFC South crown and close to No. 1 overall. Root for the Raiders.

DENVER BRONCOS at JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: The Broncos could be the biggest threat to pick higher than the Saints pick due to the Eagles. They never really looked inspiring at any time while the Jags at least had a few moments. Sorry, Dougie P. Root for the Broncos.

CAROLINA PANTHERS at ATLANTA FALCON: The Panthers currently pick directly ahead of the Saints’ pick due to the Eagles. For New Orleans to progress, you can encourage Carolina to win. Root for the Panthers.

MIAMI DOLPHINS at DETROIT LIONS: The Lions currently pick ahead of the Saints pick due to the Eagles. Root for Lions.

TENNESSEE TITANS at HOUSTON TEXANS: The Texans are currently edging out the Saints’ pick due to the Eagles. Root for Texans.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS at NEW YORK JETS: The Patriots are the biggest threat to pick ahead of the Saints pick due to the Eagles. Root for the Patriots.

CINCINNATI BENGALS at CLEVELAND CHESTNUT: The Browns pick due to Houston is a bigger threat to be ahead of the Saints pick due to the Eagles. Root for the Browns.

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