Trump 2024 campaign seeks man who smeared John Kerry – reports | donald trump

As he prepares for a possible new presidential campaign, Donald Trump seeks to recruit an agent who was behind a group that questioned the Vietnam War record of 2004 Democratic candidate John Kerry, the Washington Post reported.

The agent who ran Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, Chris LaCivita, worked for a Aligned with Trump political action committee in the 2020 election and is now leading another. He is also a consultant for Ron Johnson, a Trump-supporting Wisconsin senator who is fighting for re-election.

The Post cited four unnamed sources. He also reported LaCivita’s response: “Thanks for the opportunity but I don’t comment on rumors!!”

Despite mounting legal risks on many fronts, Trump is dominating polls for potential Republican nominees in 2024 and continues to tease a third race for the White House.

The Post said Trump was “telling his allies he plans to run for president again,” but also said many “longtime advisers don’t want to play a role in the 2024 bid after ‘a series of federal investigations have ensnared him – and they fear a deadly battle he could lose’.

A spokesperson for Trump told the Post that the former president “continues to fuel the Republican Party’s march toward a historic midterm election” and asserted that “America is rightly hungry and eager to know what the next step is”.

In 2004 LaCivita, a former u.s. marineorganized Speedboat veterans for the truthwho, in one of the most brazen episodes in American political history, sought to cast doubt on Kerry’s record in Vietnam, a conflict Republican incumbent President George W Bush had avoided.

The speedboats were United States Navy river craft on which Kerry served, earning medals including the Silver Star. Kerry later became involved in protests against the Vietnam War, before entering politics and becoming a senator from Massachusetts. After his failed presidency, he served as Secretary of State under Barack Obama. He is now Joe Biden’s climate envoy.

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which became Swift Vets and POWs for Truth, was meant to be apolitical but was actually funded by major Republican donors.

The group advanced its attacks on Kerry in television advertisements and a book. The effort generated considerable controversy, with John McCain, a former prisoner of war and then Republican senator from Arizona, calling it “dishonest and dishonourable”.

But the group has proven an effective campaign presence, bringing the term “Swiftboating” into the American political lexicon, designating “a false or unfair political attack or campaign of defamation”.

In a column 2004The New York Times has reviewed — and thus publicly rehashed — every claim made by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Citing requests from “conservative readers”, the official newspaper asked: “The same is true John Kerry a war hero or a medal-hungry impostor? »

After a thorough and critical review of Kerry’s military career and statements about it, The Times concluded, “Mr. Kerry stretched the truth here and there, but earned his decorations.”

“And Swift Boat veterans, contradicted by official records and virtually everyone who witnessed the incidents, indulge in one of the ugliest smears in modern history. american politics.”

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