5 clashes in the final Gretchen Whitmer-Tudor Dixon gubernatorial debate

Rochester – Abortion, pandemic school closures and rising costs took center stage in the final hour-long debate between Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Republican Tudor Dixon in Oakland County.

The televised debate at Oakland University saw the candidates clash over critical issues Michigan faces two weeks before the election as they try to sway undecided voters in a close race.

The outgoing governor and her opponent have argued over Whitmer’s record and what Dixon promises she will hold on to if elected governor on Nov. 8.

Here are five key areas where Whitmer and Dixon clashed during Tuesday night’s debate:

Debate on school closures

Dixon and Whitmer answered several questions from debate moderators about pandemic-era school closures, parental involvement in education, and school safety.

Whitmer at one point maintained that schools had not been closed for more than three months during the pandemic. Schools were closed via Whitmer’s executive order for approximately three months at the onset of COVID-19 in the spring of 2020, but additional state-ordered closures have occurred that fall under state health department orders suitable for high schools. From there, the governor let local school boards decide whether to keep schools closed through winter and spring 2021.

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