NFL Week 7 Ratings: Bengals get an ‘A’ after crushing Falcons; Dolphins get a ‘B’ for Sunday night win

With the Invoices and Chiefs is playing so well this season, the bengals have slowly become a forgotten competitor to the AFC, but against the Falcons On Sunday, defending champions AFC put the rest of the NFL on opinion they are still one of the best teams in the league.

The Bengals are at their best when Joe Terrier brings his “A” game, and Burrow definitely brought his “A” game on Sunday. Joe Cool threw for 481 yards and three touchdowns in a dominating 35-17 home win over the Falcons.

Burrow’s assist total was the most in the NFL this year, the second-highest total of his career, and the third-highest total in franchise history (he set his team and career record in 2021 when he threw for 525 yards against the crows).

What makes the Bengals offense so dangerous is that they can score from anywhere on the field, and Burrow proved that when he hit Tyler Boyd for a 60-yard touchdown with his third pass of the game.

When it comes to scoring on the deep ball, no team is better than the Bengals. The throw marked the 12th time in the past two seasons that Burrow has thrown a TD pass for 50 yards or more. To put that into perspective, no other quarterback has even done that eight times. When it comes to 50+ yard touchdown CATCHES over the past two seasons, no one is better at scoring on the long ball than Ja’Marr Chase (6) and Tyler Boyd (4), who rank one and two in the NFL.

Chase didn’t add to his total on Sunday, but he did score two touchdowns that both went for over 30 yards. On the first play of the second quarter, Burrow threw Chase an absolute dime that went for a 32-yard touchdown:

Chase also caught for 41 yards in the game on a day he finished with eight catches for 130 yards. Not to be outdone, Boyd actually topped Chase’s reception total with 155 yards on eight catches.

The Bengals missed just seven yards from having THREE different receivers to finish with over 100 yards. Higgins t-shirt caught five passes for 93 yards in the game. And that’s what makes the Bengals’ offense so dangerous: When all three receivers are healthy, this offense is nearly unstoppable. When you throw in Hayden Hurst (six catches for 48 yards), Joe Mixon (three catches for 33) and a slowly improving offensive line, the Bengals look better and better every week.

The Bengals have flown under the radar for the first seven weeks of the season, and to be honest, they probably like it that way. The defending conference champion usually has a target on his back the following season, but somehow that target ended up on the Bills and Chiefs in a season the Bengals are quietly advancing.

After a slow start to the season, the Bengals offense has finally found its stride, making Cincinnati one of the scariest teams in the NFL, and being scary suits this team – their next game is on Halloween. .

Alright, let’s get to the ratings for each match in Week 7. If you’re looking to dig deeper into the Cardinals‘savage 42-34 victory over the Saints played Thursday, be sure to click here.

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Carolina 21-3 against Tampa Bay

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Tennessee 19-10 vs. Indianapolis

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New York giants 23-17 vs. Jacksonville

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Las Vegas 38-20 against Houston

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Seattle 37-23 vs. LA Chargers

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Miami 16-10 vs. Pittsburgh

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