Christine and Kody Brown’s Daughter Truly Says It’s a ‘Betrayal’ to Learn of Their Latest Split

Christine Brown and Kody Brownthe youngest child, Reallyspeaks for the first time about the separation of his parents.

As sister wives As fans know, the former couple planned to hold on to tell their 12-year-old daughter about their split. But other members of the Brown family — including Kody’s children with the other women — knew about the breakup earlier.

This week’s episode of the TLC hit saw Christine sit down for a candid chat with Truely to see how she was taking the news of the divorce and how she was dealing with their next move to utah.

“So the first day I found out I was extremely upset, but I’m fine now,” Truely said. “I just had to realize for a day that not everything was going to change.”

Truely then said she ‘kind of noticed the signs’ that her mother wasn’t ‘as happy’ in her marriage to Kody, but she ‘didn’t really know’ for sure since Christine tried. to hide the problems from him.

“It was a little heartbreaking at first, but I’m fine now,” she said.

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Truly Revealed She “Reached Out” to Her Sister A lap and her grandmother to discuss it.

“When I told Aspyn and my grandmother about the divorce, it was more like me trying to tell them because I didn’t really know what else to do,” she later said in a confessional. “Although what they said was reassuring, because they both already knew. But also the realization that everyone knew before me, it felt like a betrayal.”

Picking up the conversation with her mother, Truely told Christine that she thought it would be easier to know her parents’ divorce was already done since the marriage was never legal to begin with. But the pre-teen said she wished Christine hadn’t “[kept] It’s been a secret to me for so long.”

Sister Wives: Christine and Kody Brown’s Daughter Truly Says It’s a ‘Betrayal’ to Learn of Their Latest Split

Christine Brown/Instagram

Truely’s biggest gripe about this was learning that she would be moving back to Utah soon — something that would separate her from the rest of the family in Flagstaff, Arizona.

“They knew before me, I hadn’t been told we were moving in September, which is only a few months away,” she told the cameras. “That realization that she told me the last time after everyone I hadn’t gotten to know and we were about to leave, it was kind of hurtful. It felt like a betrayal that she didn’t bother to tell me about it and I was going to be the most affected.”

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From there, Christine told her youngest child that “the hardest part of it all” was letting her know about the big life changes to come. Really understood where his mum was coming from, citing that she was “the youngest” and that it would be “the hardest break for me”.

“At this point though, I’m very grateful that I decided to end Kody before any fights or any real argument. Truely would have noticed and Truely would have seen,” Christine shared in a confessional. “But still, it’s hard for her to look back and see that I was sad. It’s hard because she’s just a child. That’s a big part of the burden. on her.”

Kody Brown and Christine Brown

Kody Brown and Christine Brown

Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic Kody Brown and Christine Brown

Kody, 53, finally weighed in on the matter in a separate confessional. From his perspective, he felt like Christine had been “unfair” to him regarding how they handled this situation with Truely.

“I think she’s being very unfair to me and to me, especially in this conversation with Truely, where she’s marginalized me and our marriage so much that she kind of leads Truely to ruin everything,” he said. -he declares. “They’re blowing me up.”

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Recalling her one-on-one conversation with Truely about it, Kody remarked on how she “seemed really okay” with it all. But he was “somewhat shocked” that she was “more devastated” by the move than the divorce.

“I wish I could make them stay,” he added. “I don’t really understand – and Christine has told me this maybe 10 times. I don’t understand why she needs to move.”

Towards the end of the episode, Christine and Kody discussed whether or not to get a child custody agreement in the state of Arizona.

“You and I actually have to have a child custody agreement in place or the state takes it and essentially becomes the owner,” Kody said. “Yeah, that’s stupid.

Although Christine pointed out that they weren’t legally married, Kody said “it doesn’t matter.”

“In this case, we have a problem where we have to have a child custody agreement in place and we just say, 50/50 agreement. Then we just work out the details,” he continued, adding later in a confessional how he doesn’t “trust” Christine.

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Christine did not want to hire a lawyer, although Kody said she will likely have to hire one to help draft their custody agreement. He then put his foot down, saying he didn’t want the state of Utah involved in their child custody deal because the area isn’t kind to polygamists.

“I would love not to hire a lawyer,” Christine said in a confessional. “But if he’s already going and he’s a lawyer, I’m going too. I don’t want to do it.”

Sister Wives cast member Christine Brown is pictured at her home in Murray, Utah on August 4, 2022. Kim Raff for PEOPLE

Sister Wives cast member Christine Brown is pictured at her home in Murray, Utah on August 4, 2022. Kim Raff for PEOPLE

Kim Raff Christine Brown

Christine and Kody announced their separation in November 2021 after 25 years together. In addition to Truely, they share son pedon24, and her daughters Aspyn, 27, Mykelti26, Gwendlyn21, and Ysabella19.

Kody is still spiritually married to Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown.

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sister wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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