‘Black Adam’ Launches With $140 Million At The Global Box Office – Deadline

SUNDAY UPDATE, Update for the latest…: Warner Bros/New Line/CCit is black adam threw at a $73 million weekend of 76 international ticket office markets. In the same way domesticStarting at $67 million, the global arc is $140 million. Offshore debut is at the high end interval we saw happen this weekend, while the whole world is slightly ahead.

The Dwayne Johnson-starrer was No. 1 in the vast majority of its overseas openings and the top US title in all of them. On a like-for-like basis and using today’s exchange rates, the startup is 27% ahead of Shazam!.

While reviews have been low on black adam, working in its favor – somewhat surprisingly for an edgy film – is the family audience. For example, Australia saw a jump of 90% from Friday to Saturday, Korea of ​​98% and France of +67%. Audiences gave the film 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is the best for a DC movie in a decade.

The film did particularly well in markets where DC excels, including Latin America and parts of Southeast Asia (breakdown to follow below).

In IMAX, black adam grossed $10.8 million worldwide, including $4.5 million from 343 screens offshore.

There are two clear weekends ahead for black adam before Black Panther: Wakanda Forever gets started.

In holding action, Paramount’s Smile expands as bird scarer is added $10M for a $82M total at sea. Overall, it is $166.3M.

Last weekend’s leader, Universal/Blumhouse’s Halloween ends registered a decrease of 62%, adding $6.2M in 75 markets for a foreign volume of $27.8M who is above halloween kills at the same point. The overall total is $82M. The international exceeds Don’t breathe 2 and Spiral this session, while Latin America has exceeded the lifespan halloween kills at current rates.

Universal/working title ticket to paradise finally tipped that framework domestically and is now approaching $100 million worldwide with $96.6 million until Sunday.

Also of note, Disney has started the offshore release of Searchlight The Banshees of Inisherin with an impressive UK No.2 start behind black adam.

The breakdowns are updated below


PREVIOUS, SATURDAY UPDATE: black adam added a crowd of 19 markets on Friday and has now enjoyed $30.2 million through its first three days at the international box office. Friday shook $15.8M with Dwayne Johnson’s star ranking as the No. 1 American film in all 76 release markets. With these results, we are still looking at the $70 million range for opening weekend overseas.

In New Beginnings, Friday added the UK with $2 million from 1,500 screens and clearly ranking #1 with a 58% share of the top 5 films. The results are +52% higher Shazam!53% ahead Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle129% above Jungle Cruise and 291% ahead Skyscraper. IMAX’s share was a very solid 9% of the total box office.

Also joining the fray, Spain debuted Friday to $587,000 on 689 screens. black adam dominated the market with nearly 60% share of the Top 5; premium formats posted very good performances with 4.6% of the total box office. Opening day results are ahead of Jumanji 2 (+38%), Shazam! (+79%), Skyscraper (+187%) and Jungle Cruise (+231%).

Currently the top 5 markets through Friday are UK ($2 million), Mexico ($1.9M), Brazil ($1.8M), India ($1.7M) and Australia ($1.7M).

Anecdotally, we hear that the family game is stronger than expected.

More to come on Sunday…

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY: Warner Bros/New Line/DC black adam began rolling out at the international box office on Wednesday, and through Thursday swung to $13.8M of 57 markets. Today adds UK and Spain as overseas release continues.

The initial markets will take place on Wednesday inclusive France and Korea. In the first instance, the Dwayne Johnson star made $1 million in its first two days. In Korea, the film leads all games by a wide margin. It follows the typical cycle in the market of a start high on Wednesday, then a drop on Thursday and a rebound on Friday and has a running accumulation of $1.3 million so far (this total is not is not reflected in the two-day offshore cumulation above).

A notable start on Thursday was India with $1 million, which marks the second-biggest debut for Warner Bros and also the biggest for DC. The Diwali holiday is ahead.

Somewhere else, MexicoThursday’s debut at $850,000 was 9% higher than Johnson-starrer Jumanji: the next level and 63% on its 2018 share Skyscraper.

In AustraliaThursday’s opening at $750,000 was 80% higher than Skyscraper and 87% above Shazam!

While a weekend away won’t really be confirmed until we get Friday’s numbers, we expect black adam land near our projected opening range; critics are disappointed, but fans are loyal. Like Anthony reportednational overviews were robust.

The public is hungry for new products and wherever they land, hopefully this will be the kickstarter for times to come.

More to come throughout the weekend…

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