With Cam Akers seemingly sidelined, Rams not ruling out adding running back

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Well, it looks like No. 3 will be available to Odell Beckham, Jr. if he re-signs with the Rams.

The team’s decision to rule the ball carrier Cam Akers being released for “personal reasons” over the weekend, coupled with coach Sean McVay’s comments regarding the situation, clearly makes it seem like Akers’ time with the team is coming to an end.

“We’re working on different things right now,” McVay told reporters of the third-year stopper. “Like I said, I just kind of want to want to be able. . . I hope you understand and respect that we just want to be able to keep things in-house for now.

They want to keep things in-house, as they are apparently figuring out what to do about Akers. Ideally, they would like to trade it. If it’s obvious they’re moving on, it becomes harder to get maximum value.

“It’s one of those deals where, like I said, you kind of want to be able to keep things in-house, but as far as just football is concerned, it’s certainly not all about our porters. ball,” McVay said when asked about an emergency need that led to Akers being ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Panthers. “We have to be better, starting with myself being able to execute the fundamentals of the techniques, being able to get a hat on a hat, being able to press the line of scrimmage. The racing game really takes all 11, but there are a lot of layers and that’s kind of where we’re at.

It’s clear there’s a problem, as McVay explained that he didn’t have many such issues during his time with the Rams.

“What I was very lucky with, going into sixth grade, I think you realize how blessed and lucky you were where those things were minimal,” McVay said. “But that’s what you sign up for. You need to be able to handle this in the best way possible, leaning on resources, asking the right questions, being willing to listen and then learn, and then you can lead and make decisions in the right way. It’s never always easy, but I’ll always try to do what I think is best. There are a lot of instances where you say, “I haven’t really been here, who can I lean on to help provide perspective and context?” That’s what you’re trying to do in any of these types of situations. But I know that dealing with things in a clear, open and honest way, and in the best way you think, based on these core values ​​that guide our daily approach and behavior, has helped. Is it perfect? I will never pretend to be that, but I always try to learn from mistakes and make sure you use both the good and the bad to make sure you do what is best for everyone. for which you are responsible. is about decision making and some of these different things.

So will the Rams be in the market for another running back?

“I don’t know,” McVay said. “I would never say no. We’ll still explore options if we think there’s a chance of an upgrade, it’s probably not something that’s front and center. What I’m excited to see is to see if we can find a way to play some good football against what we know is an incredibly tough opponent, see if we can get to 3-3 and then be able to take a step in back and do a lot of things that give us a chance to really expire but also who we get back, what does it look like in terms of trying to have the best plan for the rest of the season that we are guaranteed. These are things you want to do step by step, and that’s where I’m thinking right now.

McVay was a little pressed on the “personal reasons” that Akers is unavailable.

“I would say it’s more like we’re dealing with things internally,” McVay said. ” I do not know exactly. . . it’s kind of uncharted territory and I think the most important thing is that, out of respect for the situation, we want to keep it in-house. More on that later, but since it relates to everything right now, that’s how we’re phrasing it. He will be fine.

He will be fine. But it looks like it won’t be a Ram.

Akers, 23, was a 2020 second-round pick from Florida State. A strong finish to his rookie season, including 171 yards in a Thursday night beating against the Patriots, created expectations that he would a breakout year in 2021. A ruptured Achilles tendon suffered before training camp prevented that from happening. He returned for the end of the regular season and the playoffs.

This year, Akers has failed to live up to expectations. He rushed for 61 yards in a Week 3 win over the Cardinals. He has 90 rushing yards in the team’s other four games combined.

Akers has a base salary of $1.17 million this year and $1.45 million in 2023. It’s unclear if any team would be willing to trade his contract, given general questions about his performance this season. .

Darrel Henderson and Malcolm Brown are the only other running backs on the active roster. Ronnie Rivers is on the team’s practice squad.

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