St Stanislaus School News: Arrested East Chicago teacher had list of victims with names of students, staff, police department says

EAST CHICAGO, Indiana (WLS) — East Chicago, Indiana, police say a teacher is in custody after she allegedly told a student she had a “kill list” for other students and staff at her school.

Police said officers were called to St. Stanislaus School at 4930 Indianapolis Blvd. around 5 p.m. Wednesday. There, the principal and vice-principal told them that a student had told their counselor that their fifth-grade teacher had made comments to them about suicide, students, and school staff.

Police say the teacher told the student she had a list and the student was at the bottom of that list.

“I’m really scared and worried,” said Portia Jones, the student involved. “She said she wanted to smother us and she wanted to kill herself.”

“They really need to work on this one because it’s something serious,” said his father Quiannis Jones. “She’ll probably never go back.”

Police say the teacher was immediately taken to the principal’s office, where she allegedly admitted to making the statements and having a “kill list”.

According to police, during this conversation, the teacher named a specific student on her list, but did not give the full list.

The principal sent the teacher home and told her not to return to school pending an investigation.

East Chicago Police say the student alerted his counselor to the teacher’s comments around 12:45 p.m., but police weren’t called until four hours later after the teacher had was allowed to leave.

“They never should have let her out. They should have called the police right away. She’s a threat to the school,” Quiannis Jones said.

On Thursday morning, police took the teacher into custody at her home in Griffith without incident.

The investigation is ongoing and active, police said. No further details have been released. No charges against the teacher have been announced.

The school principal said that due to concerns about the emotional health of students, classes will take place virtually Friday and counselors will be made available to students and staff.

Full Letter from Principal of St. Stanislaus School

Dear Parents,

On Wednesday, October 12, at approximately 12:45 p.m., staff at St. Stanislaus School responded to a disturbing report from a student regarding comments made by the student’s teacher. The teacher was removed from the classroom and escorted to the principal’s office, where she remained under surveillance and had no further contact with students. The teacher was interviewed to better identify the details of the incident.After the students were safely discharged at the end of the school day, the teacher was escorted off campus and the East Chicago Police Department was notified at approximately 4:45 p.m. When asked, the police assured the principal that the facility was safe and that they could proceed as normal with all learning and school events scheduled for the following school day.The well-being and safety of students and staff in our Catholic schools is a top priority. In response to this incident, the principal moved to an online learning environment for Friday, October 14 and made resources available, including access to a school counselor, to support students during this difficult time. The school works closely with local authorities and the Diocese of Gary Schools Office to ensure that students at St. Stanislaus continue to have a safe and supportive environment in which they can learn, grow and thrive.As we still navigate this unimaginable event, we are grateful to teachers and staff who are listening carefully and compassionately to students’ concerns, while respecting their well-being. We thank God for the family culture at St. Stanislaus which provides students with an environment where they feel safe to share their concerns and questions with teachers and staff. We thank God for His guidance as the situation unfolded on Wednesday, bringing the truth to light in a way that protected everyone involved. We thank God for the beautiful community of St. Stanislaus Parish who join us in praying for the St. Stanislaus School family.If anyone has additional information or questions regarding this investigation, we encourage you to contact the East Chicago Police Department.

Principal Foy

Statement from the Office of Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Gary

Angelica Foy, principal of St. Stanislaus School in East Chicago, IN, followed protocol for a seizure in her building. She has kept students safe, she has worked with the Catholic Schools Office, she has alerted law enforcement and continues to be in communication with families and staff regarding the unfolding situation.

Under Foy’s direction, the students remained safe. She ensured that counseling services were available for those in need. The Gary Diocese Catholic Schools Office will continue to work and support Principal Foy as she navigates this difficult and concerning situation.

ABC7 Chicago did not name the teacher involved because she has not been charged. Students are learning remotely on Friday.

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