Daniel Radcliffe pays tribute to Hagrid actor Robbie Coltrane after his death

Daniel Radcliffe released a statement after the death of his “Harry Potter“Co-starring Robbie Coltrane, calling the late actor “one of the funniest people I’ve met.” Coltrane, died aged 72, starred as Rubeus Hagrid in the “Harry Potter” film franchise and shared dozens of scenes with Radcliffe across the films. The two actors starred together in all eight “Harry Potter” films, from “Sorcerer’s Stone” in 2001 to “Death Hallows – Part 2” in 2011.

“Robbie was one of the funniest people I’ve met and constantly made us laugh when we were kids on set,” Radcliffe’s statement read. “I have very fond memories of him keeping my spirits up on ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’, when we would all hide from the torrential rain for hours in Hagrid’s hut and he would tell stories and crack jokes for keep my spirits up. I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to meet and work with him and very sad that he passed away. He was an amazing actor and a lovely man.

While Coltrane will forever be known to millions as Hagrid in the ‘Harry Potter’ films, he was also a member of the James Bond franchise, having starred in 1995’s ‘GoldenEye’ and ‘The World Is Not Enough’. in 1999. More recently, Coltrane returned to his “Harry Potter” roots and appeared in HBO Max’s 20th anniversary “Back to Hogwarts” special with Radcliffe and other stars like Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

“The legacy of the movies is that my kids’ generation will show them to their kids,” Coltrane said on the special. “So you could watch it 50 years from now, easy. I won’t be there, unfortunately, but Hagrid will be, yes.

Bonnie Wright, who played Ginny Weasley in the ‘Harry Potter’ films, wrote “Heartbroken over the passing of Robbie Coltrane. Hagrid was my favorite character! Robbie so brilliantly portrayed the warmth, sense of home and Hagrid’s unconditional love for his students and magical creatures. Thanks for the laugh. I miss you Robbie. Sending love to your family.

Controversial ‘Harry Potter’ author JK Rowling separately honored Coltrane with a message on Twitter, writing, “I will never know someone remotely like Robbie again. He was an incredible talent, a complete, and j I was more fortunate to know him, to work with him and to laugh with him. I send my love and deepest condolences to his family, especially his children.

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