Woman who said Herschel Walker paid for abortion also has child with him – report | american politics

A woman who said Herschel Walker paid for her abortion in 2009 is the mother of one of his children, according to a new report, undermining the Georgia The Republican Senate candidate says he didn’t know who she was.

The Daily Beast, which first reported on the abortion, said it had agreed not to reveal details of the woman’s identity.

Walker, who has voiced support for a nationwide abortion ban with no exceptions, called the abortion allegation a “brainless lie,” threatened to sue the outlet and said he had no idea of ​​who the woman might be.

On Wednesday night, the Beast revealed that the woman – who has not been named – was so well known to Walker that she claims they conceived another child years after the abortion. She decided to go ahead with the pregnancy, although she noted that Walker, like the previous pregnancy, said it was not a good time for him, the outlet reported.

The Beast said the Walker campaign declined to comment. Walker is scheduled to make a public appearance Thursday morning in Wadley, Georgia.

The latest reports ensure abortion will continue to be a central issue in the Georgia race, one of the Senate’s most competitive contests. Walker and Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock are locked in a close contest that is key to the balance of power in the Senate.

A series of stories rocked Walker’s campaign. The former NFL star has been accused of repeatedly threatening his ex-wife’s life, exaggerating claims of financial success and exaggerating his role in a for-profit scheme that allegedly attacked veterans and military while defrauding the government.

Earlier this year, after a Beast story, Walker acknowledged the existence of three children he hadn’t mentioned before.

The woman told the Beast for Wednesday’s story that her refusal of the abortion surprised her somewhat.

“Of course I was stunned, but I guess it doesn’t shock me either, that maybe there are so many of us that he really doesn’t remember,” the woman said. “But again, if he really forgot it, that also means something.”

In the Beast report released late Monday, the outlet said it reviewed a receipt showing the woman’s payment for the procedure, along with a recovery card from Walker and bank deposit statements showing a personal check for $700. of Walker dated five days after the abortion. received.

During the Republican primary, Walker supported a nationwide ban on abortions with no exceptions for cases of rape, incest, or risk to a woman’s health — especially notable at a time when Supreme Court precedent Roe v Wade’s 1973 had been overturned and Democrats in Congress were discussing the codification of abortion rights.

“I’m for life,” Walker repeated over and over. When asked if he would allow exceptions, he said there was “no excuse”.

As a Republican candidate, Walker has at times dodged questions about his earlier support for a national abortion ban, a tacit nod to the fact that most voters, including many Republicans, want at least some access. legal abortion.

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