Russian internal fighting in Ukraine culminates in calls for suicide and execution

Just over two weeks ago The Last Hail Mary by Vladimir Putin in his war on Ukraine, things are going so well for the Russian leader that recruits are revolting, his key allies are bawling over a series of casualties, and his defense minister has now been urged by his own team to blow your brains out.

“Yes, really, many say that… a Minister of Defense who allowed such circumstances to occur could, as an officer, shoot himself. But, you know, for many the word ‘officer’ is not clear,” said one of the Russian puppet leaders in Kherson. said Thursday in the last sign of the falling wheels of the Russian war machine.

Kirill Stremousov now joins a rapidly growing list of Putin loyalists openly vent about recent Russian chess on the battlefield— and blaming “worthless” Russian military leaders for the humiliating debacle.

After weeks of complaints from pro-Kremlin military bloggers, the anger against the army has now officially translated into a more formal setting: even some Russian lawmakers are now attacking defense officials, with the retired army officer Andrei Kartapolov on Wednesday. demanding the military “stop lying” about war casualties.

Propagandist Vladimir Solovyov, interviewing Kartapolov, suggested the “only solution” would be to execute defense officials “guilty” of the mounting setbacks.

The very public infighting couldn’t come at a worse time for the Kremlin, as Ukraine’s stunning counter-offensive to reclaim the country’s land has already forced Russian troops out of the territories Putin boasted he was officially making left Russia just a few days ago.

The collapse also comes, quite fortuitously, just in time for the Russian president’s birthday on Friday, which the Kremlin says will pass in his hometown of St Petersburg, more than 800 miles from Belgorod – the scene of the latest episode showing Putin’s “partial mobilization” unfolding, quite dramatically, not as expected.

Just two weeks after Putin announced to all of Russia that he would summon hundreds of thousands of people to face likely death on the battlefield to prevent the West from ‘weakening’ and ‘dividing the country, its own troops are clearly divided: the video appeared of the conscripts revolted against the dysfunctional call, and more than a hundred of them are now said to have refused to fight.

About 500 recruits were filmed in Belgorod trashing Putin’s chaotic “partial mobilisation” this week in a video widely shared on social media linked to Yevgeny Prigozhin, the puppeteer of the Wagner Group who rights groups say man, personally recruited hundreds of detainees to fight in Ukraine in order to “win this fucking warfor Putin.

“No one needs us, there is absolutely no preparation!” one of the conscripts can be heard screaming in the video.

As if the footage of Russian troops mocking their own leaders wasn’t bad enough, the video was also widely seen as evidence of further infighting between Putin loyalists behind the scenes, as several men seen in the video wore Wagner badges. The video immediately raised suspicions that Prighozin himself might have leaked it in order to further smear senior Russian defense officials whom he has openly criticized for recent war failures, including Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. . This theory seemed to gain traction when news broke that Alexei Slobodenyuk, a staff member of one of Prigozhin’s media projects known to have attacked Shoigu, was stopped by a spetsnaz unit in Moscow.

But similar scenes played out elsewhere, and even new legislation threatening deserters with up to 10 years in prison apparently did not deter Russian conscripts from withdrawing from the war.

More than 100 newly mobilized soldiers from Bryansk would now refuse to go to the front.

“Where are they sending us? We have no experience, we have nothing,” an unnamed rookie said in a interview with Sota media released on Thursday.

The soldier said military leaders intended to send him and about 100 others who refuse to fight to recapture Lyman in the Donetsk region, from where Russian troops were forced to withdraw last weekend.

“A hundred and something people were sent there [before] and one remains alive, he is in a hospital,” the soldier said.

In addition to refusing to fight, many of the new troops mobilized by Putin also seem more concerned with devouring each other than “defending the fatherland”, as the Russian leader hoped. Residents of the town of Serpuhkov in the Moscow region are afraid to leave their homes as conscripts fight drunkenly in the streets; conscripts in Penza beat a lieutenant-colonel accused of calling them “meat” for slaughter; and conscripts and conscripts engaged in a mass brawl near Moscow that required police intervention, according to Mozhem Obyasnit.

At least 10 Russian recruits died before they even reached the front, according to local media. Those already on the battlefield are also revolting, according to human rights group Rus Sidyashaya, which revealed Thursday that 13 soldiers hijacked Defense Ministry vehicles and fled from an occupied military base in Kherson with weapons and ammunition in tow.

And that’s not to mention the nearly 700,000 citizens who fled the country after Putin’s mobilization order, according to a new report by Forbes Russia.

In the face of such losses, however, the Kremlin seems to prefer to stick to what it does best: fooling around.

“I don’t even know what the Russian publication Forbes is,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. said Thursday, asked about the mass exodus. “Is it published? Is there even such an editor?

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