Nintendo Releases First Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer, Chris Pratt’s Mario Looks Like Chris Pratt

The wait is over – Nintendo has released the first trailer showing the highly anticipated Super Mario Bros. movie. in action. We can finally stop talking about Mario’s flat butt and talk more about what his face will look like on the big screen. The Mario Bros. movie trailer was released live to coincide with his appearance at New York Comic-Con, and the film Illumination is set to arrive on April 7, 2023.

The Nintendo Direct special aired on YouTube and was also shown in a conference room at NYCC. The animation is almost finished on the film, then it’s time for the lighting. In the trailer, King Koopa (Jack Black) and his Koopa army strap up those blue penguins we know and love from Mario 64. Of course, Mario (Chris Pratt) also appears, and he looks exactly like Chris Pratt. You can check out the Super Mario Bros. movie trailer. below.