Full details and notes for each trade (Updated)

It’s that time of year for baseball, MLB Trade SZN; track the latest deals in our MLB Trade Deadline tracker.

While the All-Star Break is technically the midpoint of the baseball season, the second half of the year doesn’t really start until the MLB Trade Deadline pass.

This year we had to wait a bit longer for that to pass as the winter lockdown delayed the start of the year and pushed some things back. But that’s only 48 hours added, and with that extra time, there’s extra wiggle room for teams hoping to make a change that ends up mattering.

How it ends up mattering is where the roads diverge.

Some teams, like the Yankees and Padres, are trying to make moves that will hopefully result in a World Series. This is every delay buyer’s fools gold, for the rules are the same as they are in mountaineer – there can only be one World Series winner.

This means that the rest of the teams trying to make moves will be unsuccessful, although no one will know until the dust of the season settles in November.

The other side of the coin is the teams that respond to the demand of World Series hopefuls. Teams like the Cubs and A’s are proverbially wasting fuel as their seasons crumble, hoping to turn their trade chips into winning lottery tickets in the form of young prospects who can help them win down the line.

It’s always chaos at the trade deadline, and it signals both the true start of the second half of the season and the start of the final push to the playoffs.

Note: All MLB transactions after July 20 will be tracked here. Any transactions prior to this date are not included and are generally not considered part of the trading time frenzy.

MLB Trade Deadline Tracker (Updated August 1, 2022)

Braves poach Tigers bat struggling with offensive challenges

The brave get

DE – Robbie Grossman

The tigers get

P – Kris Anglin

Ranking of the Braves: VS
Classification of tigers: C+

More trade details on the Braves’ acquisition of Robbie Grossman:

Astros send Jake Odorizzi to Braves

Get Astros

P-Will Smith

The brave get

P – Jake Odorizzi

Ranking of the Braves: B
Category Astros:B

More trade details on the Astros-Braves trade:

St. Louis Cardinals trade Jose Quintana

Cardinals get

P – Jose Quintana

Hackers get

P – Malcolm Nuñez

P – Johan Oviedo

Cardinal Ranks: A
Ranking of pirates: C+

More business details on Jose Quintana to St. Louis:

Reds send Tommy Pham to Boston

Get the Red Sox

DE – Tommy Pham

Reds get

INF/OF – Emmanuel Valdez

OF – Wilyer Abreu

Classification of reds: VS
Red Sox standings: C+

More business details about Tommy Pham:

Boston looks to Southside to replace Christian Vázquez

Get the Red Sox

C-Reese McGuire

Get the White Sox

P-Jake Diekman

Red Sox standings: C+
White Sox standings: B+

Red Sox launch trio of trades by sending Christian Vázaquez to Astros

Get Astros

C – Christian Vazquez

Get the Red Sox

TBNL Minor Leaguer

TBNL Minor Leaguer

Astros Ranking: B
Red Sox standings: C- (Rating based on exchanging a starter for pennies after calling the GM)

More trade details on the Red Sox dealing Christian Vázquez:

New York Yankees drop A-Race for Frankie Montas, Lou Trivino

The Yankees get

P – Frankie Montas

P – Lou Trivino

Athletics Get

P-JP Sears

P – Ken Waldichuk

P – Luis Medina

2B – Cooper Bowman

Yankees standings: A-
The A rating: B+

More trade details on the Yankees’ acquisition of Frankie Montas and Lou Trivino:

Houston Astros remove Trey Mancini from three-team trade

Get Astros

1B/DH – Trey Mancini (from BAL)

P – Jayden Murray (TB)

Get Orioles

P – Seth Johnson (from TC)

P – Chayce McDermott (of HOU)

Rays get

OF – José Siri (from HOU)

Astros Ranking: B
Orioles ranking: C+
Spoke grade: C+

More business details on the Astros’ acquisition of Trey Mancini:

Brewers send Josh Hader to Padres and get huge loot

Padres Get

P – Josh Hader

The brewers get

P-Taylor Rogers

P-Robert Gasser

P – Dinelson Lamet

OF – Esteury Ruiz

Note from parents: B
Ranking of brewers: B

More business details on Josh Hader and Padres deal

Cubs make another move, but it’s not a Willson Conteras trade

The Yankees get

P – Scott Effross

Cubs get

P – Hayden Wesneski

Yankees standings: B-
Rank of Cubs

More trade details on the Yankees-Cubs trade:

Seattle Mariners revive pitching market with massive Luis Castillo deal

Sailors get

P – Luis Castillo

Reds get

SS – Noëlvi Marte

P – Levi Stoudt

SS-Edwin Arroyo

P-Andrew Moore

Sailor rank: A
Classification of reds: B

More business details on the Mariners acquisition of Luis Castillo:

Despite vaccine drama, New York Yankees trade for Andrew Benintendi

The Yankees get

BY Andrew Benintendi

The Royals get

P – TJ Sikkema

P – Beck Road

P-Chandler Champlain

Yankees standings: B-
King’s rank: B

More Yankees trade details for Andrew Benintendi:

One of the big sticking points with any Benintendi trade was his vaccination status, which he was unvaccinated on the Royals’ last trip to Toronto. Since the Yankees and Blue Jays are in the same division, the line of thought was that New York made a deal because of Benintendi’s vaccine status.

It seems that this is no longer a problem.

New York Mets acquire slugger Dan Vogelbach in first big trade before deadline

Get the Mets

DH – And Vogelbach

Hackers get

Cash considerations

Food Note: A+ (mostly for value returned, since he’s basically a midseason free agency signing)
Ranking of pirates😀

More commercial details on the agreement with Daniel Vogelbach:

What time is the MLB trade deadline?

This year’s MLB trade deadline is a little different than in the past. The trade will still work the same way and there will be a frenzy at the 11th hour as usual, but everything will happen a bit later on the schedule.

Typically, July 31 has served as the baseball trade deadline. The last day of July is both the last chance for teams to make potentially World Series-winning changes to their rosters while also serving as the start of the home stretch to the playoffs.

Speak Official MLB Glossary:

Prior to the new CBA, the trading deadline almost always fell on July 31 at 4 p.m. ET. Prior to 2019, July 31 was referred to as the no-waiver trade deadline, and players could be traded after that date if they had cleared revocable trade waivers first.

Pay close attention to the emphasis on “before the new ABC”, because things have changed since then.

This year, the MLB trade deadline will fall on August 2, with an all-new timestamp showing when trades are no longer allowed. Rather than the 4 p.m. ET deadline, teams will have until 6 p.m. ET to accept deals and send them to the league office for approval.

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